Giving Something Back....

Mandy Taylor | 07.09.2015

Some of you will already know me as Mandy from Northern Ireland. However, last summer I made the move across the Irish Sea and now live in Cheshire with my partner Pete and our four children.

I became a Trustee during a very difficult time at the BSA, a time in which we had to cut our staff hours even though demand for our services seemed to increase. However, funding was an ever prevalent issue.

During the last year we have lost two of our longest serving staff due to these cuts.

People are human and they needed more than the BSA could provide and two charities have now gained two very experienced, energetic individuals. As Trustees we wished them well with heavy hearts, but as ever, we look at what is best for them. So Steven and Julia, the very best of luck (not that you need it) in your new positions and I hope they also serve you well.

Steven leaving has left big holes, for membership services, for helpline work, for administration, and one in finance as he was responsible for recording all the monies in and out.

As this is what I do myself, being one of those accountant types, I was lucky to be in the position of offering a bit of my time and so I have now joined the staff for one day a week. Norbert is a hard task master, as that 8 hour day kind of expands and you do not even realise it! However, like every one of the staff at BSA, we are paid for a number of hours but the actual hours worked, well, we do it to give something back.

I am in a lucky position that I can work mostly from home, but I do get to go into The Big Smoke every few weeks to touch base. I obviously had to sadly resign as a Trustee and I will continue at present to do my 'day job' working for a marketing agency in Wilmslow.

So, yes, it will be my good self who now records the ins and outs, drawing up the finance reports and generally keep the Finance Committee of the General Council informed of how the BSA is performing.

So a change of direction for me, yet another path starting, and I look forward to working alongside Norbert, Helen, Cherry, Lee and Allan as well as the numerous volunteers who work so hard to give us all a voice. It was the BSA who helped me find mine and I am very proud that I can now help give something back.