Helen Carpenter, ESN Membership Manager, introduces herself

Helen Carpenter | 28.08.2015

Today is just my second day in the role of Membership Manager for the Employers Stammering Network. I wanted to take the opportunity in my first week to introduce myself, to say how delighted and excited I am to be here and to thank everyone for the warm welcome I have had. 

By background I am a linguist and a librarian, but I have worked for a number of charities and membership organisations, including the Association of Charitable Foundations. I've also co-ordinated projects that relate to supporting diversity and inclusion and managing cultural change. I am particularly interested in issues that relate to people, places and identity. This is my first connection with stammering, so I am looking forward to listening and learning!

I was looking for a new part-time job and first found out about the ESN Membership Manager role from Jan Logan, a speech and language therapist, previously at the City Lit, whom I know not because of her background, but because we have both been going to the same Tai Chi class for a number of years.  It confirms my view that chance conversations can lead in unexpected directions!