I can’t wait for the Conference!

Tim Fell, Chair of Trustees | 27.06.2016

The theme of this year's BSA conference is “Improvement”.  But what does that mean?  It sounds an ordinary enough word, but the promise it holds is intoxicating.

The word improvement implies aspiration.  Aspiring to be better at what we are, what we do.  It also suggests the possible.

Improvement has connotations of development and growth, of getting stronger, probably over a period of time - a journey, if you like.  A journey of discovery, sometimes, where we realize talents in ourselves that we never thought could flourish.

Improvement, kind of, insinuates small gains over time.  A great wine is almost undrinkable to start with but it improves gradually over ten or twenty years.  A marathon runner doesn’t do a time of 2hrs 20 minutes straight away.  Her time improves through training month after month after month.

So, improvement suggests a movement from one state to a state considered to be at a higher level – a change for the better over time.

And that’s why our theme is so exciting.   There’s so much within ourselves.  The potential is there, it just needs to be brought out.  Our theme says you don’t have to accept how things are now.  There’s hope.  You don’t have to remain locked away in a dungeon of dysfluency or disaffection.  You don’t have to look back in later years and regret the missed opportunities.

One other great thing about improvement is its inclusiveness.  Anyone can do it!

The conference will tell you how.  

For some people who stammer the journey starts on the 2nd September.  It’s a voyage of self-discovery, but it’s also a discovery of the help that’s available for you.

But what is it that is going to be improved, or strengthened?  Here’s what: belief in ourselves, our confidence, our unwillingness to be shackled by our stammer, our ability to look at ourselves in a more positive light.  Maybe, even, our fluency.

Of course, we talk about self-improvement.   But what about society?  Do we not also have to move society forward to a state of better understanding of what stammering is, and of how to relate to people who stammer?  The conference addresses that, too.

So the conference in September is the perfect place to begin, and in many cases to continue, the journey I’ve been talking about because there will be people all around you who are willing to help.  Not least the keynote speakers and workshop presenters who are there to inspire us and to educate us.

You can book your place online, either for the whole weekend or as a day visitor.

Roll on September 2nd!