New blog: Training for the Great Manchester Run

Rachel Everard | 04.02.2019

February has got off to an exciting start – first day in my new role as Service Director at the British Stammering Association, first drink for a month (well almost) and third Parkrun of 2019. I’ve signed up to run the Great Manchester 10k Run on the 19th May on behalf of the BSA and with just over five months to go, I need to start training properly.

I’ve known about Parkruns for a long time but only started taking part in them around a year ago and now I wonder what was holding me back. They’re a great way to get into a regular running routine/ You can sign up to a Parkrun anywhere in the UK (and anywhere worldwide for that matter), completely free of charge. They are are always on a Saturday morning at 9am in a local park with a running distance of 5k. For further information, visit their website:

My Saturday 5k runs will be a mainstay in my training programme for Manchester, together with shorter early morning runs during the week, and as 19th May draws closer, I’ll increase the length of my runs so that I’m match fit for the 10k. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

Today’s run, despite the chilly weather, was perfect: sunshine, snowflakes gently swirling down, birds singing and over 250 other runners taking part. My time was just under 30 minutes, not too bad but not my personal best, so that gives me encouragement to do some training during the week before next Saturday. I'll let you know how I get on with regular blog posts and maybe even a vlog.

If you’d like to take part in the Manchester 10k and raise some money for the BSA, just drop Development Officer Lee an email at

And let us know how you’re getting on with your training – perhaps see you at a Parkrun over the next few months?