Rachel's Manchester 10k blog - First signs of Spring

Rachel Everard | 25.02.2019

Is this really February? What a wonderful weekend – blue skies, sunshine, warm temperatures and definite signs that Spring is on its way. Ideal conditions for getting out into the fresh air and clocking up some kilometres in preparation for the Manchester 10k Run on 19th May.

Sad to say, that hasn’t been my experience due to a pulled muscle in my right leg; a temporary injury I sustained a few weeks ago and which is still hanging around (important lesson: always warm up before setting off, something which I’ll be more careful of in the future). Walking is fine but at the moment I can only jog gently for 20 minutes or so. So no Parkruns for me at the moment, which is deeply frustrating, but I comfort myself with the thought there’s still over two and a half months to go before the big day. 

Have you booked your place yet for the Great Manchester Run? Read more about it here:

It would be great to have you along, whether it’s taking part in the race itself or cheering the Stamma team on. To book your place, contact Lee Millam on

Once you’ve booked your place there’s some great advice on how to get run-ready for the day from the organisers of the Great Manchester Run: (I should have read the section on ‘Injury and Prevention’!). Other topics include nutrition and hydration, training plans, motivation and psychology, so definitely worth a read before getting out there.