The Run-up to Glasgow

nlieckfeldt | 11.08.2014

This is my least favourite time before the Conference starts. It’s the counting of heads, it’s the sorting of meal choices, it’s making sure everyone has a bed. Ledgers. Spreadsheets. Thankfully, Steven is dealing with this in an exemplary manner. I just have to learn to let go and have faith!

Every time I tell myself not to get stressed, and I never manage. I worry. I worry until everyone has arrived on Friday, everyone’s got a bed, and I see them all in the same room talking to each other. There’s always such a buzz that I can’t hear myself think. Only then I relax.

But you know what? I get paid to be stressed. There’s a bunch of volunteers, especially David and John, but also the folk from the Scottish Stammering Network and many others, who are working their socks off. They’re working to offer an excellent programme; to make sure we’re not running at a loss (fingers crossed), and to make sure everyone’s going to have a good time.

So far, on Saturday, we’re already looking at more than 130 people attending. You can still come along, either just as a day visitor or you can still book for the two nights. Just follow the link for more information and to book.

If you do decide to come along, I don’t know what you personally will take away from the experience. Everyone always seems to have such a good time; ‘inspirational’ is a commonly used phrase. For some, it can be a life-changing experience. Me? I already look forward to my train journey home on Sunday, because I know I’ll be knackered but fired up, enthused and happy.