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Promoting public awareness of stammering is a key part of the BSA's mission, and we welcome informed media exposure of stammering. Please feel free to contact us.

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Jamie Harwood and Bod Adams with radio microphoneMedia contacts at BSA

Kate Dickson, Communications Director: email or (during office hours) tel 020 8983 1003.

About the British Stammering Association

The British Stammering Association (BSA), established in 1978, is a national registered charity. It is the only UK-wide charity which helps both adults and children who stammer.

The BSA provides information, help and support to all whose lives are affected by stammering.


We can put you in touch with people who stammer and others who are happy to be interviewed. We can usually find someone locally where that is required. Please contact the Media contacts above.

People who stammer can make excellent interviewees. Communication skills are more important than fluency, and of course different people have different degrees of fluency.

Language used about stammering

The way we talk is a discussion paper by BSA encouraging those writing about stammering to move away from language that perpetuates social stigma about it. For example, to re-consider calling a stammerer 'afflicted' by their stammer and instead simply a 'person who stammers'; to say a person has a 'severe or frequent' stammer rather than a 'terrible or awful' stammer.

The paper points towards positive changes in language that will help reduce stigma in society against stammering and enable people who stammer to achieve all they can.

Telling people how to contact BSA

NB: Please include our address wherever possible. Some people who stammer, including some who may particularly value what BSA has to offer, are reluctant to use the phone and may not be on the internet.

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About stammering

A particular focus for media coverage of stammering is International Stammering Awareness Day, on 22nd October each year.