What we do

We bring people together

Meeting at a BSA conferenceThe BSA works to bring people who stammer together, both face-to-face and online.

Many people who stammer feel isolated, with a condition that few people who do not stammer can understand. BSA knows of many adults who stammer who had never talked about their experience of stammering with another adult who stammers in their entire lives. When they do so, it is usually a life-changing moment.

BSA works to bring people together in a number of ways:

  • BSA has a very active Facebook Page and Group. Also this website is itself designed to encourage interaction: please do leave comments, and share pages through Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • We support numerous local self-help groups throughout the country.
  • We run local Open Days, to allow people who stammer to meet each other, learn about the full range of BSA services and have the chance to talk to a speech therapist. We also run a large-scale Conference every other year (or annually if resources permit). See our Events page.

We know of many people who have come across the BSA through Facebook and have gone on to meet other people who stammer face to face for the first time - often at a BSA event - and who are going on, in their turn, to bring other people who stammer together.

"The main thing I came away with was the incredibly liberating sensation that people 'got' me after 40 years of not having that. It was like the 'looking in on a fluent world window' had been removed. Durham, September 2011, really did change my life."
Partipant at BSA Conference, Durham

"I've finally found a private group where I can talk about my stammer."
A member of BSA's closed Facebook group.

We put together this video on our social media impact, for our National Conference 2014: