What we do

We have a mission

The Trustees have agreed the following Strategy statements for the charity:

VISION: What is our ambition for the BSA?

Our vision is to create a society where people who stammer can fulfil their potential and enjoy respect and consideration.


MISSION: What are we going to do to achieve our vision?

We will achieve our vision by supporting anyone in the UK in the following ways: 

Purpose and funding statement

The BSA is a registered charity which helps people who stammer. It helps by providing inspiration, encouragement, information, support and advice, funded through a mixture of trust grants, fundraising and donations.

Our Values

In terms of dealing with our members, supporters, donors, beneficiaries, fellow charities, and other stakeholders, BSA aims to be:

  • selfless and generous spirited
  • trustful and widely trusted
  • professional, yet informal and largely un-bureaucratic
  • inclusive and non-discriminatory
  • collaborative rather than competitive
  • passionate about our aims
  • transparent and open, and
  • fun and friendly.

What in the world will change as a result of our work?

  1. Greater openness about stammering
  2. Greater public understanding and acceptance of stammering
  3. Greater public awareness of the positive attributes of people who stammer
  4. A greater understanding of stammering in order to inform therapies
  5. Greater availability of a range of stammering therapies
  6. Greater awareness of what the various treatment options can offer
  7. Stammering will no longer be a barrier in education and employment
  8. Greater sharing of experiences and views
  9. Less isolation of people who stammer
  10. Greater power to overcome difficulties
  11. People who stammer will help each other through self-help group networks.