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BSA offers support to all whose lives are affected by stammering.

SignpostStammering can be a baffling and frustrating condition. It can lead to loneliness and isolation. It can seriously impact on educational success and employment chances. It can be distressing for parents when their little one suddenly, without apparent cause, starts to struggle with their speech. When talking is hard, life can be difficult.

BSA offers impartial information and resources, in our 'Help & Information' section.

We also offer a helpline which you can contact if you'd like to chat to someone, or perhaps just need a bit of telephone practice before making a difficult call. The British Stammering Association is the place to turn to when you're looking for answers, or for support when talking is hard.

We have two specialist websites for parents of school-age children who stammer - www.stammeringineducation.net and www.stammering.org/expertparent. You can also contact our education officer, Cherry Hughes, through our Education helpline.

While stammering can be lonely, it's also true that mutual support from others who stammer can be very beneficial. BSA holds the stammering community,