What we do

We lobby for change

BSA is speaking up for people who stammer. Together, our voice can be heard.

We bring people who stammer - who are just as capable as anyone else - together to make this country a better place for children and adults who stammer.

People who stammer have political views as the rest of the population. However different our political allegiances, we also have similar interests. We want to ensure that we, and our children, receive good services; that we aren't discriminated against; and that we can work and learn in an environment where we can contribute to the full extent of our capabilities.

All too often this is still not the case - and in many cases matters are not getting any better. When we fail to speak up, we are likely to be overlooked.

BSA is speaking up for people who stammer. Whether it's fighting for the retention of NHS speech and language therapy services, whether it's arguing for a better system to support children who stammer in school, or whether it is in the field of employment where we believe that people who stammer should be able to enjoy the full protection of the Equality Act - we have a loud voice.

One of the more unusual (and successful) campaigns was to restrict advertising for commercial stammering therapies which offer a 'miracle cure'.

You can help us by making our voice even louder if you join the Association - BSA's policies and services are shaped by our members.