What we do

We provide info and resources

BSA is the first point of contact for impartial information on stammering - for parents, people who stammer and others.

The BSA website contains accurate, unbiased information about stammering, including BSA's leaflets which are produced with the help of our panel of specialist speech and language therapists. Go to 'Help and Information'.

The 'Speaking Out' section of our website has a wealth of articles and personal stories on what it's like to live with a stammer, or to have a child who stammers.

Our Helpline provides impartial information and support, by phone or email, and sends out information packs

We also have a number of specialist mini-sites for school-age children who stammer - www.stammering.org/expertparent is offering advice for parents, www.stammering.org/earlyyears for staff in Early Years settings and www.stammering.org/send gives advice on how to secure the best possible support under the 2014 SEND Code of Practice.