What we do

We raise awareness

A key mission of BSA is to promote awareness of stammering.

Raising awareness of stammering is a very important part of what BSA does. Some of the ways that we do it:

We respond to requests by journalists for information on stammering, and find people who stammer to be interviewed for radio and TV programmes, or for newspapers. We try to help the media give an accurate and fair view of stammering, and to combat myths such as that stammering is due to nervousness (see Basic information on stammering). We have a media page.

We also encourage our members and other people who stammer to raise awaress in various ways, such as by talking to friends about stammering, wearing green stammering awareness armbands, fundraising events, or through our 'Speaking Out team' which gives talks to Rotary groups and others.

We have a section on what you can do to help raise awareness. A particular focus of attention is International Stammering Awareness Day on 22nd October each year.

We asked people who stammer to record themselves talking about their stammer:

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