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We are proud that BSA is a user-led charity. It's our members who make us what we are.

Our members make us what we are. They inform our work, they are our critical friends, they decide policy, they elect our governing body. They tell us when we're going off course, they praise us when we're doing things right. They highlight problems in their lives, and they point us in the right direction when it comes to sorting things out.

By becoming a member, you're joining a community of people interested in and affected by stammering. You will receive support, and you'll be able to offer your own experiences in support of others.

You are lending your voice, your experiences and your passion to the Association when it comes to changing this country to become a better place for children and adults who stammer. You're supporting us to continue offering help and support to others who are affected by stammering.

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BSA is changing lives for the better. By joining the BSA, you can share in our work.